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Abubakar joins the Newsroom

Abubakar joins the Newsroom
Abubakar Idris joins Stears Business

Growing a startup is hard. But growing a startup in a pandemic is harder.

Nigeria might be recovering from its COVID-19 induced slowdown, but the fundamentals still suggest that things are still extremely difficult for many startups. Stears Data even wrote about this in a recent Whitepaper

However, Stears’ mission to make it easy, for anyone, anywhere in the world, to access high-quality information cannot be paused or slowed down. That is why we are excited to deepen the expertise and capacity of our newsroom, by onboarding Abubakar.

Stears Business has always shown deep insight into the Nigerian economy. We cover it from end to end, touching on some of the most significant transformations in real sectors like banking, energy and agriculture.

However, as times have changed, our economy has changed with it. What I mean is that there is a deeper appreciation of a ‘new economy’ around the world. One in which companies like Paystack exit at a valuation larger than several Tier 2 Nigerian banks combined. 

Most people refer to this as the technology sector. 

But in the Stears Business newsroom, we see it differently, as technology has already become a ubiquitous enabler across all sectors. 

Instead, we have been drawn towards understanding Nigeria’s innovation ecosystem; a sub-category of companies, investors, regulators and individuals—technology-centric or not—who are unlocking innovation in sectors by thinking and building differently.

When we decided to deepen our footprint in this new ecosystem, we knew that the right person would have to combine our love for data and incisive analysis with the deep domain expertise of Nigeria’s innovation ecosystem. 

That is why when we met Abubakar, we knew he would fit in well. Abubakar began his journey by working intensely in the technology space at TechNext, before moving on to TechCabal where he did some groundbreaking work in Nigeria’s logistics space.

Abubakar now joins us to cover the entire innovation ecosystem as well as logistics and e-commerce.

The Stears Business newsroom is unique in its approach to information, preferring a deeper lean towards long-form, in-depth and transformational stories, rather than keeping with the news cycle.

Talking to Abubakar, we quickly realised that he appreciated that Nigerians have long craved high-quality information on different aspects of the economy and society. In his words “At Stears, I get the chance to tackle this problem by consistently offering long-form informative pieces”.

That is why we are excited to introduce Abubakar to our Premium Community, and we look forward to telling deep stories about innovation in Nigeria.

You can reach Abubakar at [email protected], or on Twitter and Linkedin.

Preston Ideh

Preston Ideh

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