Since 2019, the Stears team has consistently delivered data-driven insights about African economies to a global audience. Subscriber Spotlight is a series showcasing how those insights have made our subscribers smarter. 

Becoming smarter means different things for our subscribers. For a subscriber like Jolaade Phillips, it means knowing more about the energy sector. Jolaade has always been passionate about understanding Nigeria's poor electricity issue. Unfortunately, he couldn't satisfy his curiosity due to the lack of in-depth resources on the topic. On top of that, he needed help finding deep dives into African economies and governance. 

A Stears Premium subscription was Jolaade’s turning point. Poring through our data-driven energy insights not only made Jolaade more knowledgeable on a topic he cared about, but made him even more confident to share his new-found knowledge through a Youtube channel. In less than 2 months, Jolaade’s channel attracted at least 1,000 views. That's how Stears has made Jolaade smarter.

We recently spoke with Jolaade to learn more about his journey with Stears. Below is what he had to say.


What do you do?

I wear many hats [laughs]. First, I’m a Content Marketing Manager at eqtable. I also work as the Communications Manager at the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association. Most recently, I started exploring videography and launched my YouTube channel.


Nice! What inspired you to start your YouTube Channel?

Before my YouTube journey, I was curious about why poor electricity persists in Nigeria. Sadly, there were few in-depth resources available to aid my understanding. This made me sad because I knew many people like me couldn't understand Nigeria's poor electricity because of limited information. But unlike them, I had access to resources like Stears, deepening my understanding of Nigeria's poor electricity and other issues. So opening a YouTube channel was a way to enlighten such people and be the resource hub I never had. 


Why were you curious about Nigeria’s poor electricity, though?

I’m interested in understanding Nigeria’s poor electricity because it’s at the centre of most economic issues. It’s worth understanding the root causes of such a problem as it makes you more aware of the complex factors at play. 


Interesting. How long have you been a Stears Premium subscriber?

Three months now, but I have been a free subscriber since 2020. 


What made you a premium subscriber?

I realised only premium subscribers could use the Stears app, nudging me to consider a Premium subscription. Shortly after, I read a premium article that had an irresistible excerpt. That was the trigger that compelled me to become a Premium subscriber.  


What made you choose Stears in the first place?

Getting deep dives on the economy, governance, and finance in Africa was difficult. And so, when I discovered Stears, an unbiased product offering insights on Africa that you won’t find elsewhere, I never looked back. 


What a journey. How has Stears served you specifically?

There was a time when an article on power distribution equipped me to break down the reason for the difference in tariffs to my tenants, who were starting to raise a brow at the discrepancy. In addition, the articles on energy were my go-to resources while creating a YouTube video on how Nigeria damaged the power sector. 

More importantly, reading Stears Premium has made me smarter and more confident when having serious conversations about the economy, finance, and governance. It has become my single source of truth. 


What's the most impactful Stears article you've read?

The most impactful Stears article I've read is 'Why the Nigeria national grid is always collapsing' by Noelle Okwedy.


What made it stand out from our other articles? 

First, it addressed a question many Nigerians, including myself, have been asking for years: “Why does the national grid keep collapsing?” The article provided a data-backed and well-researched answer. In all, it alludes to inadequate infrastructure, poor maintenance, and insufficient investment as the root causes of the frequent national grid collapse. 

More than that, I loved the article’s resonance and thoroughness. The introduction captured the frustration and disappointment of many Nigerians about the frequent grid collapse. Subsequent sections then explored the various factors behind the grid’s instability and proffered feasible solutions. 

Overall, the article was particularly impactful because it shed light on a complex issue and shared valuable insights I had not considered before. It also encouraged me to think more critically about how we can work towards a more stable and reliable national grid in the future.


What are the top three things you love the most about Stears Premium?

One, there is a high level of trust as your team is filled with analysts who know their onions. Take Noelle Okwedy, for instance. I rate her articles highly because she has a wealth of practical experience in the energy sector. Also, there’s no way you won’t be smarter if you subscribe to Stears Premium. Lastly, the app gives you a smooth reading experience.  


Would you recommend Stears to others?

Yes, especially to those searching for valuable answers on topical issues across the economy, business, finance, and governance. 


What would you say to anyone considering Stears Premium?

There’s nothing close to Stears in Nigeria. Choose it if you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of issues you care about. Don’t second-guess your decision. 


Thanks for sharing your story, Jolaade. 

Thanks for having me!