Introducing 25/24, the Stears Election series

Aug 11, 2022|Fadekemi Abiru

Since we launched Stears Premium, our newsroom has covered the Nigerian economy with depth and creativity. We have been focused on setting the gold standard. As we head toward the ballot boxes in 2023, it’s time to focus on in-depth analysis & insight into the political economy.

This is why it gives me great pleasure to introduce 25/24 to you.

In case you’re wondering where the name comes from, it references one of Nigeria's most important constitutional provisions: presidential candidates are required to receive 25% of votes in at least 24 states to win a Presidential election.

Through 25/24, a new subscriber-only series on elections, we are doubling down on our fundamental mission: to set the standard against which all other platforms—general or niche, print or digital—publish. 25/24 will feature guest opinions on Nigeria’s upcoming elections. You can rely on Stears to bring the same rigour, scrutiny, and independence to our coverage of politics, the political economy and key players.

In our coverage of the elections, whether from within the newsroom or through 25/24, we will analyse the Nigerian electoral process always striving to unmask and explain the political perspectives you need to understand.

Our editorial position will apply to all published articles on Stears. We will be unrelenting in upholding our standards and will not endorse any candidate or favour any political group. All views—from newsroom analysts or guest writers—can align with any inoffensive ideological position when creating an argument or reaching a conclusion. But, our editorial stance requires that the writer's position is made clear and transparent to the reader and presented as one worldview, not THE worldview.

We are making this stance clear because we have always believed, and still do, that our readers deserve the gold standard.

So, as we begin this journey, we hope that you enjoy the insight we bring you just as much as we enjoy analysing it for you.

If you have doubts or any questions, please let us know. My inbox is always open: [email protected]