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Top creative industry articles on Stears Business

Top creative industry articles on Stears Business
Creatives. Source: Stears Business

What is your go-to activity to unwind? 

For most of us at Stears, it’s a great party. There are also those who just want the serenity that good music brings. For some, it’s movie time! And there are a few of us who model outfits and embrace the sweet life that comes with looking superb. Whatever makes you feel good—from fashion to movies, a creative mind is behind it. 

But as integral as the creative sector is to our well-being, there is so much we don’t know about what goes on behind the scenes. For instance, why is streaming music important for our musicians like Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy? And are there movie industry issues that frustrate directors like Mo Abudu, Editi Effiong, Omoni Oboli or Kemi Adetiba? 

Now, as usual,  Stears Business is here to help you make sense of the economy around you. And this does not always mean low exchange rate and high inflation numbers. Afterall, the creative sector is encompassed in the overall economy as well. So for today’s compilation, we take some gems from our creative industry archive to share with you. 

To start, we present a piece that tackles an important aspect of our lives—how we dress. Looking good, they say, is good business. But how good is business for those who work to create the fashion pieces we’ve come to love?


1. Why Nigeria’s fashion workers are booked, busy but underpaid 


This is our most recent article on the Nigerian fashion industry. It’s an overview of the industry that captures the sustainability of jobs in the sector. If you are looking to build a business in fashion, invest in a clothing brand, or simply understand the challenges that workers in your fashion or dressmaker’s house go through, this story is one you want to read. 

Read the full article here


2. From an idea to the big screen: The journey of producing a movie

Have you ever thought of what it’s like to be in the mind of a film producer? Well, this was Fisayo’s ambition. And it paid off with this story that captures what it is like to be an indie (independent) producer in the Nigerian movie industry. There are many intriguing turns in this story, but one to remember is the high level of business marketing decisions that go into movie production. Believe us, there is nothing final about the “it’s a wrap” you hear in a movie production set. For producers, that’s just the beginning of making a movie profitable. 

Read the full article here 


3. K-Drama then Nollywood: The roadmap for cultural export success

If Nollywood were to fully tap its business potential, South Korea is a country it should learn from. One uncommon knowledge is how the Asian Tiger exports more cultural products like music and films than home appliances like the  LG and Samsung electronics we have come to know them for. In 2017, the country’s extensive cultural exports—K-Pop, K-dramas, and gaming—netted nearly $9 billion in foreign revenues. Incredible! 

This story shows how South Korea did well and highlights what Nollywood can learn from them. 

Read the full article here 


4. Aba tailors and their dreams for an industrial hub 

“Made in Aba,” is a term synonymous with locally made shoes, clothes, and fabric. These items are made by a large concentration of tailors who work from small shops and sometimes collaborate to create clothes and export them to neighbouring countries like Cameroon and Togo. 

But, this fashion hub is dissipating. Fundamental factors such as electricity, modern machines, and working capital stop them from growing. This piece analyses how Aba can reposition and attract high-end fashion brands for bulk production of dresses.

Read the full article here 


5. Netflix and the business of film in Nigeria

Netflix’s formal arrival in Nigeria, last year February, was one in a series of strategic moves. But what can its presence do for the Nollywood industry? 

As Netflix Naija joined the company’s subsidiaries in South Africa, India, UK, Brazil, and others, this article showcases the unique opportunity for Nigerian filmmakers to work with the American media player, for profitable acquisitions or production. 

Read the full article here 


6. How Nollywood box office data is driving investment

Data is everything. As you may have noticed, our stories and reports use data to put things in context and clarify facts that can be easily muddled. For businesses, data helps them plan and make sound decisions. And as this piece shows, the cinema success of many movies boils down to collecting and analysing data. For example, 26 of the top 30 films at the Nigerian Box Office are action and comedy films. This is just one statistic that shows the peculiarity of Nigerian movie lovers.

To find out more, read the full article here 


7. Fisayo Longe’s Gaia: Making the dress of the summer

“Gaia from Kai Collective,” the famous dress of summer 2020. How was it made? What inspired the pieces? And how is Fisayo Longe, the creative behind the brand, wading off counterfeiting and customer demand challenges? This story has it all.

Read the full article here 


8. How international record labels make Nigerian artists “twice as tall”

As African music goes global, international record labels—Universal Music, Sony, and Warner Music Group—are swooping in. And music investors are looking to back the right performers. But what exactly do these labels offer artists? This story would walk you through the question to explain the economics of record label deals and how artists leverage this for their own success.

Read the full article here 


9. The impact of Spotify’s re-entry into Nigeria’s streaming industry

Sometime in March this year, Spotify came into the Nigerian scene—again. With Spotify's second entry into Nigeria, this article assessed how the Swedish music streaming giant will be joining at least 13 other platforms that have been jostling for market share in Nigeria. It also breaks down the potential impact of the company's presence on artists, podcasters, and the entire streaming industry.

Read the full article here 


10. Protecting creatives from imitation: All laws but no cases

To end today’s compilation, we look at a critical issue prevalent in the creative industry—protection. 

Many fashion designers, big and small, do not receive protection for their creative work. So there is a prevalence of infringements and lots of imitation. This article investigates the problem and offers practical solutions. Prepare to broaden your knowledge on Copyrights, Trademarks and Nigeria’s Patents and Design Act. 

Read the full article here 



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Stears Insights Team

Stears Insights Team

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