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Even when it was just a couple of neighbouring states clustered in an area, Nigeria was hot for investment. Think about large scale slave-traders like Efunroye Tinubu and oil palm traders like Jubo Jugboha—who went on to be King Jaja of Opobo. The coalition of lands, which later became Nigeria, was bustling with commercial activity by many who wanted a bite of the country’s fruits.

Foreigners were not left out in the scramble. Some even laid down their lives for it; there’s a story of 54 out of 162 Europeans dying of diseases on the high seas during one mission to see the wonder of states that lay by the Niger River—the Africans with them remained alive.

Even though many still come from far and wide to invest in Nigeria, a lot has changed.

Today, we have compiled a list of articles that look through the lens of many of these investors. To start, we look at what attracts people to invest in Nigeria in the first place. 


1. Show me the money: An investor's guide to Nigeria’s consumer market

As the title implies, Michael takes us on a visual trip around Nigeria. He shows us where the Nigerian market is—from the average income of people per state to the poverty rates and how many cars each state has, this article provides a map through which investors can navigate the Nigerian market.

This article affirms some popular opinions and debunks others. You might think you know where the money is in Nigeria, but you might be leaving a large chunk of that market out of the investment picture.

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2. What happens when you invest in Nigeria 

But even with this market size (or lack of it), what should investors expect when they come into Nigeria. This next story acts as a travel advisory into the world of investment in Nigeria. How has this changed over the years, and what should we expect to get today? 

Enjoy this mini finance lesson here


3. Anti-business Lagos (Part 1): Losing investor confidence

Drilling further down into Nigeria’s commercial capital and one of the main destinations of investment, this article shows us why the appeal for investment in Lagos might be dwindling.

The state boasts about being a metropolitan state soon, but as we will see in this article, businesses are an important part of that engine.

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4. The timely prospect of mining gold in Nigeria

As you may know, Nigeria is blessed with several mineral resources, and while we continue to focus mainly on oil, there are gold mines that we don’t explore. In this article, Gbemisola shares the story of an investors' attempt to take on gold mining in Nigeria, highlighting what past attempts yielded.

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5. Attracting private investment in Nigeria's Universities

Despite our natural resources, people remain Nigeria's most valuable resource—you’ve probably heard that severally. However, investment in the education of these people is not well explored.

In this article, Gbemisola explores private sector involvement in the education sector, which many are unaware of or may have ignored in the past.

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6. Is tourism a smart investment for Nigeria?

Another aspect of investment which we may be neglecting is tourism. Bronze Bini art in museums across the world is a testament to the prospect of tourism in Nigeria. The foreigners saw this prospect when they carted away with our art during the colonial era. How can we see and explore this area of investment in Nigeria? 

Ebehi answers in this free to read piece


7. Crypto investments: The good and the ugly

Investment, as we know it, is evolving. So much so that regulation is only trying to catch up. Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly at the forefront of these drastic investment changes. This year alone, we’ve experienced severe investment moves that have made many of us learn more about crypto to avoid missing the train or joining too late. In this article, Adesola shows us what investment in cryptocurrency is like. 

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8.  The fundamentals behind Shoprite’s exit

While attempting to navigate the murky waters of investing in Nigeria, some investors have left with their fingers burnt by the Nigerian investment space. One of the most popular stories is Shoprite's exit.

In this article, Tokunbo shows us how the company expected to leave footprints of stores across Nigeria, and why the expectation failed. 

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9. Why foreign direct investment in Nigeria is disappearing

Taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, Michael shows us why investors are no longer confident in Nigeria and its market. This piece serves to remind current Nigerian startups and business owners what to expect when attempting to get foreigners to believe in their dream.

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10. What foreign investors think about Nigeria

To close out this week’s library, we check with investors to know what they think about Nigeria. In this bitter-sweet story about Nigerian investments, Gbemisola takes us through the strengths and weaknesses of Nigerian investments. Despite the challenges, there’s still hope for Nigeria, and that’s the best way to end this.

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