Copyright Policy

This policy sets out how users are permitted to use our content and also explains the types of use that require a licence from Stears. This policy forms part of our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to change this copyright policy from time to time by publishing an updated policy on, which shall become effective and replace any previous policy with effect from publication.

This version of the copyright policy was published on 28 July 2020.

What is Copyright?

Copyright law gives the copyright owner, in this case, Stears News Limited (“Stears”) the exclusive right to control the use of copyright-protected works. All of the material published on and any other platform is protected by copyright law and should only be used with permission from Stears or as set out below.

Usage of any of our works without our permission may, therefore, infringe our copyright which can result in personal and corporate liability.

How may I use content produced by Stears?

You may do the following:

  • View our content for your personal use on any device of your choice e.g. mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other electronic devices;
  • Print single copies of articles on paper for your personal use;
  • Share links to articles by using any sharing tools we make available.

How may I republish or redistribute SB content?

Except as set out above, you may not copy SB content from or any third party source of SB content such as social media and aggregators.

You may not republish or redistribute full-text articles, for example by pasting them into emails or republishing them in any media, including websites, newsletters or more.

Am I allowed to copy or summarise limited parts of SB full text content?

You may not republish or redistribute extracts or full-text articles (except as permitted by any sharing tools we make available).

How am I allowed to link to SB content?

If you would like to link to, please read and comply with the following guidelines and all applicable laws. You:

  • may display the Stears logo to indicate the source of the link;
  • must not remove, distort or otherwise alter the size or appearance of the Stears logo;
  • must not in any way imply that Stears is endorsing it or its products or services or has any relationship with the site;

What am I not permitted to do with SB content?

You cannot do anything other than making use of the content as set out above unless you buy the appropriate licence. By way of example only, this means that you cannot:

  • Copy, publish or redistribute full-text articles, photographs, graphics, tables or images in any way (except as permitted by any sharing tools we make available).
  • Create derivative works from our content, unless you are creating summarising the content
  • Remove the copyright or trademark notice from any copies of SB content.
  • Frame, harvest or scrape SB content or otherwise access SB content for similar purposes.

To purchase a license, please contact [email protected]