2023 manifesto explained: assessing APC and PDP's plans for agriculture
A tractor, crop silos, food pyramids and a maize farm to depict the Nigerian agriculture sector
Disclaimer: At the time of writing, the Labour Party had not released its Manifesto, and so, it is not included in this analysis. Further updates will be provided to account for the recent release.
NB: We have updated our analysis of the manifestos to reflect the contents of PDP’s comprehensive manifesto. You can find the complete assessment here.

Nigerians love food.

As of 2019, Nigerian households spent 57% (₦22.8 trillion) of their total income (₦40.2 trillion) on food items. A deep dive into the data further tells us that lower-income earners spend even more (61%) on food (likely because they earn less) than urban dwellers (51%).

Unfortunately, with food inflation rising to a 17-year high of 24% this year, more people have been pushed into multidimensional poverty.

The NBS puts this number at a whopping 133 million, over 60% of the total population. It means that of the 200+ million people in Nigeria, more than half cannot

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Dumebi Oluwole

Dumebi Oluwole

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