Key questions this article answers:

  1. What are the implications of Osun State’s recent digital economy initiatives for creating a startup ecosystem? 

  2. What will it take to turn Osun State into a vibrant tech hub in Nigeria?

Creating a thriving economy takes serious work. Just ask China’s Deng Xiaoping, Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew and Botswana’s Sir Seretse Khama. These leaders transformed their countries' economies over the years through hard reforms and innovative initiatives. 

Building a vibrant digital economy (or startup ecosystem) is also no walk in the park. It took New York about seven years to grow its tech ecosystem from relative obscurity to the second largest in the USA, after California.

In Nigeria, recent developments tell us that the Senator Ademola Adeleke-led government of Osun State intends to tow a similar path of building a vibrant tech ecosystem. As part of its 100 days initiative, the government is implementing plans to grow its digital economy and promote digital entrepreneurship. These plans include domesticating Nigeria’s Startup Act 2023 and unveiling the State’s ICT and STI (Science, Technology & Innovation) policies. The State is definitely embodying the “move fast” ideology.

These initiatives are noteworthy, particularly from Osun State, which hardly appears in discussions on the Nigerian tech ecosystem. So today, we will look at why everyone should pay attention to these initiatives and what other conditions the government needs to put in place to get closer to the dream of a tech hub in Osun.


Imole de!

Osun State’s recently elected Governor’s campaign slogan was “Imole de”, a Yoruba phrase meaning “light has come.” And the administration’s 100 days tech innovation, ICT and digital economy agenda is a bright spot in the State.