Nigerians who have had to endure steep increases in petrol prices—over 3x since May 29—will look worryingly at the size of President Tinubu’s ministerial list.

At 48 strong, this is the largest cabinet assembled so far in the 4th Republic. It’s larger than President Buhari’s 43-person cabinet from 2019.


Ministers are crucial because they implement the administration’s policy as it concerns their various ministries, impacting the economy and society. The head of government requires agents who act on his behalf to deliver on his election promises and hopefully improve the lives of citizens.

The president cannot lead alone. As such, ministers are there to help with the division of labour. Since they derive their authority from the president and serve at his pleasure, their powers cannot exceed his.

Now that all the ministers have been named, we will look at some trends from past cabinets and implications for this latest