For many, 2021 looked too similar to 2020; unprecedented times are quickly looking precedented now. What we really need is a clean break. A true refresh. 

That's what we would like, but is probably not what we will get, as many of 2021's themes—the good and the bad—follow us into next year. Some of these themes are super important, and as we head into 2022, we use numbers to hone in on them. 


1 in 3

Perhaps the worst thing about living with bad news is that you get numb to it. As our Knowledge editor recently argued, you settle into a bad equilibrium

But, that’s the only way I can explain Nigeria’s labour market. Seventy (70) million people are in the labour force, and twenty-three (23) million of them are unemployed. Another 16 million were underemployed. And 10 million completely vanished from the labour market.

If that’s not scary enough, look at