Graphics: Unveiling the generational impact of financial insecurity
Inter-generational financial security. Source: Stears Business

If you're like me—young, hungry, perhaps a slightly skewed sense of self worth and a belief that the world might owe you something—then welcome fellow Millennial. We are going to talk about money, the thing that can't buy you happiness but can very well buy you opportunities to be happy. 

Maybe owning a private jet, on its own, might not make you happy, though I am very sceptical because it would definitely fill some deep unknown void we have, and that's happiness, right? Filling voids. In any case, owning a jet gives many opportunities to fly to some pretty amazing places (visa permitting). 

In my book, that's happiness or at least a very close substitute.  

Jokes aside, this was originally intended to be about less known opportunities to invest in Nigeria from the perspective of a young professional with limited funds. But it got sidetracked by a deep dive into

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Abdul Abdulrahim

Abdul Abdulrahim

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