How will Musk's Twitter change content creation?
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If you've been living under a rock—or off Twitter—the last few weeks, you might have missed the Twitter-Musk saga, which appears to be ending in the billionaire successfully taking Twitter private

On April 4, Twitter broke when Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, became its largest shareholder. The story spread with commentators giving their take on how his involvement may change the company's trajectory for better or worse. As the Twitter-Musk saga is nearing its conclusion, we look back on the company's performance, the challenges it is trying to overcome and how it intends to capture the creator economy. But we particularly dig deeper into why it matters to Africa's creator economy. 


Key takeaways:

  • The world’s wealthiest man, Elon Musk, is on the verge of acquiring Twitter, the 15th largest social media site by the number of active monthly users.

  • Twitter has struggled to keep pace with its Meta rivals and Google in terms of advertising revenue and engagements

  • Twitter wants to crack the creator economy. Creators build an audience on the platform but go to Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to monetize their content. The new Musk-led ownership of the platform will have to make changes for this to happen


Here is a brief timeline for those who are trying to catch up.

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Abdul Abdulrahim

Abdul Abdulrahim

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