Last week, around 5:30 am, I was cruising on the famous Oshodi-Murtala Muhammed International International Airport road in Lagos mainland. I expected some light traffic but saw only a broad black massive expanse of glistening tar. Just take a minute to imagine the image before my eyes—yards and yards of smooth road, no potholes, no traffic jam, despite the rain. Then, compare it to the regular hustle and bustle I would have found on the same spot one hour later. After looking around to be 100% certain I was at Oshodi, my vehicle slowed down, unintentionally, to take in the $70 million structure that has become the recently refurbished expressway and bus park for commuters.

Before you roll your eyes and ask me, "isn't it the same Oshodi we all know?"

It is. But, hear me out. With its newly expanded road (ten lanes, five on both sides), for a