Driver: "Tollgate!?

Passenger: "Yes. O wa! (I'd stop here)."

In Nigeria, a toll gate is not necessarily a gate or a location where drivers pay a toll. In many instances, mentioning the term "toll gate" refers to bus stops across the country. If you travel interstate regularly, say, between Lagos, Ogun and Oyo, there are more stops with similar titles, from the Sango tollgate, 7up tollgate, to Sagamu-Abeokuta tollgate etc. They are not just the labels for stops, though. These locations are also famous landmarks across the country. But it's rather odd that you would not see any gate or plaza where people pay tolls on these federal highways, despite their names.

Where are the tolled federal roads?

Years ago, you'd have seen one—a stop or boom barrier preventing your vehicle from driving through. Some of these locations served as a gateway from residential to industrial areas. And in most cases, the toll gates were a