Parsing the Obi/Baba-Ahmed 2023 manifesto
Peter Obi holding the Labour Party flag.

In 2015, I foolishly thought the APC and President Buhari offered Nigeria the chance to move in a new and better direction.

I remember getting into debates online about the APC manifesto and whether or not these parties could keep the promises inside their manifestos to any reasonable degree. 

Needless to say, I do not recommend anyone spending their time or energy publicly defending the contents of a manifesto released by a Nigerian politician. You will be disappointed, and the disappointment will be painful.

Manifestos in Nigeria are not written as quasi-legally binding documents like they are in other advanced democracies. Research, as shown below, shows political parties in advanced countries keep a good portion (nearly 70%) of their manifesto promises.

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Feyi Fawehinmi

Feyi Fawehinmi

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