My friends are suddenly getting love letters. Not from crushes but from people that want to manage a part of their financial future. 

One of the letters went for a nostalgic theme: “...remember we were the first to deliver a return of over 400% on a fund.” 

It was from a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA), who added a list of other essential benefits, including a dedicated account officer, and 24/7 digital account access.

Before now, PFAs just sent occasional text messages—showing your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) balance. But recently, Seye* and a couple of my friends have been receiving up to four text messages a month. They also get emails and webinar invitations, laced with declarations of a PFAs fund management prowess and even promises of financial education. 

The attention from these PFAs is cute, but the change in their actions is not without reason. 

Unlike the banking industry where