Cue inward groan, 'I can't believe we are still in a pandemic'.

We are all probably well-rehearsed in all the ways the global pandemic has changed our lives. I haven't had to think about the Greek alphabet since my sixth-form calculus days. The coronavirus has seen to that with each Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta-Plus-Minus subvariant it unleashes on us.

Recent reports even show that the latest coronavirus strain, the "Delta Plus", can bind more easily to lung cells and could be resistant to treatment therapies. I have honestly never heard of a more stubborn disease.

And with each new development, it feels like we get further away from getting back to normal. The pandemic has changed the way we go on trips through travel restrictions (let's be honest, staycations might be fun, but nothing beats going abroad). It has exacerbated the increase in food prices as social distancing measures on farms made it