I recently asked a group of friends living across Nigeria, Senegal and Kenya what their go-to preference for ordering takeout from restaurants is. The usual contenders like JumiaFoods, OyaNow, Glovo and UberEats came in.

However, everyone who responded admitted that they just pick up the phone and order directly from the restaurants most of the time. One of my friends even remarked that people have their own motorcycles and drivers that run food deliveries for them in Senegal—kind of like how Nigerians might use the Gokada or Kwik platforms for deliveries. Generally, though, my ‘focus group’ shared that they end up eating at home most of the time. I’ll admit that my sample size of a WhatsApp group chat of six young women is not necessarily representative of the eating habits of three different countries. However, it describes the consumption pattern in Nigeria and other African countries.

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