2020 was a rather interesting year, but 2021 took the cake. From the never-ending shapeshifting coronavirus to Emefiele’s war on Aboki FX, 2021 had a lot of us stuck in a perpetual state of 'what next?'

As an analyst covering the creative industries in Nigeria, I’m exposed to diverse sectors, each having its unique set of activities adding value to the economy. These burgeoning sectors in the Nigerian creative ecosystem, from fashion to film, travel, tourism and hospitality, have been resilient against the Covid-19 pandemic. I was particularly impressed with how operators in the travel and film markets stood the test of time amidst barricades like lockdowns and travel restrictions. Reports of Air Peace’s feat in acquiring new aircraft to their growing fleet and Omo Ghetto, the movie, making record-breaking numbers in 2021, only show how Nigerians still conquer despite all odds. And while this is not a stan account