Why is it so difficult to fix roads in Nigeria?
The difficulty in fixing Nigerian roads. Source. Stears Business

Life for many Nigerians is tough.

There are different ways to think of the difficult situations we go through, but one that stands out is the struggle to enjoy decent infrastructure.

In one of the Stears Business emails two weeks ago, I outlined how Nigerians adapt to the country's infrastructure deficit. With poor internet service, buying multiple data plans to have quick alternatives is common. And without reliable electricity, it is normal to see people carrying power banks around, owning several generator sets, using inverters/solar-powered batteries or other options. The national grid, which should be the primary electricity source, is the backup channel for many people.

Funny right? No, it's tragic.

But there's more.

With other crucial capital goods like roads, bridges etc., the story is slightly different. You can't buy or build alternative pathways. You either have roads you can drive on, or you don't. And without good roads,

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Adesola Afolabi

Adesola Afolabi

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