Nigeria suffers from several structural issues.

From the neglect of infrastructure to maintaining an orderly queue at an ATM, many of these problems have remained prevalent in our everyday lives. And with a government that 'flourishes' on chaos, it is no wonder such difficulties are common in many businesses.

Specifically, the job market. 

Last month, as I scrolled through my pre-VPN Twitter timeline, I came across a tweet posted by a Human Resources handler. The post included details of a job vacancy at a "Fashion House".

Operations Manager



Work Hours: Mon- Friday 8:30am - 7pm & 9am - 6pm Saturday

Included were two images—screenshots from a notes app that featured the position's responsibilities. The twist, though, was a description of additional duties: administrative officer, accounting officer and marketing personnel all-encompassing in that one job. 

I giggled and muttered under my breath, "industry for you," and then went about