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Invest with Confidence, Operate with Precision.
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Invest with Confidence, Operate with Precision.
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Strategic intelligence tailored to your industry:
Financial services
Manage risk and make informed decisions using access to our data-driven research, economic and industry data
Global Corporates
Anticipate future events and understand the impact on your business using our deep analysis, indices and forecasts
Professional services
Identify market opportunities and stay ahead of competitors using our proprietary analysis and trusted data
DFIs & Governments
Monitor developments and support policy direction by relying on our expert network and leading analysis
Trusted by leading global organisations
Our customers are equipped to
Explore new markets
Make informed decisions through access to our data-driven research and market-leading analytics
Navigate market uncertainty
We enable clients measure, track and understand sentiments, trends & patterns that affect local markets
Monitor Market development
We cut through the noise, offering a laser-focused view of Africa's economic, political, and business landscapes.
Our data solutions 
Built for global organisations to succeed
Economic  &Industry analysis
Trusted research backed by data, expertise and analytical rigour
Economic Forecasts
Macroeconomic forecasts based on statistical and econometric modelling
Industry & Consumer Indices
Proprietary & third-party data combined to simplify trends
Market Opportunities
Macro and micro estimation models combining economic and industry data
Macroeconomic Datasets
Economic datasets covering pricing, inflation, forex and more
Expert Network Service
Live briefings for management teams and decision makers
Explore data-driven analysis
Engage our team of analytical thinkers for custom intelligence services.
Market Research & Due Diligence
Impact Assessment
Policy & Advocacy
Thought Leadership
Our work
Stears Approval Ratings to monitor consumer and policy sentiment

August 2023

  • Approval Rating Index which measured the country’s approval of policy implementations
  • Consumer Expectations Index, which monitors how Nigerians feel about the future
  • Confidence Score, which gauges Nigerian’s confidence and trust in institutions
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Approval rating pilot
Our work
Policy advocacy for reforms in digital regulation
  • Developed a final report including recommendations for the Federal Government
  • Sourced operator expertise from senior executives at banks, IMTOs, switching companies, researchers, economists, and consumers.
  • Engaged the Apex regulator on reform agenda and long-term policy direction
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Our work
Real-time election data collection, analysis and dissemination
  • Served over 2 million users globally during the elections
  • Built a public database covering over 1,477 races and 14,822 candidates
  • Tracked, in real-time, over 1400 races during the Nigerian elections
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Our work
Nigeria’s first predictive electoral poll built on proprietary estimation models
  • Accurately predicted the outcome of the presidential elections using the estimation model
  • Accurately predicted the outcomes on 6 out of 7 key states using the estimation model
  • Conducted the largest public opinion poll for the 2023 elections with 6,220 respondents.
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Stears polling article image
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