About Stears

Stears is the answer company for Africa.

We leverage technology to provide subscription-based data and insight to global businesses and professionals. Founded in the London School of Economics, Stears’ mission is to become the world’s most trusted provider of African insight and data.


Our data helps clients understand the disruptive trends, transformations and technologies shaping Africa, the world's fastest-growing continent.

We use macroeconomic and financial data, analytical models, and data collection tools to answer research questions on the future of Africa. We provide historical and real-time data, indices, reports, whitepapers and briefs to inform investment and policy decisions. Our intelligence assesses how economics, public policy, disruptive technologies and regulation affect the digital and real economy, including financial services & fintech, digital commerce, transport, energy and agriculture.

Editorial Stance

The editorial division at Stears produces data-driven insight & analysis on African economies, emphasising Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy. A simple promise drives our editorial team; to provide original, analytical, well-written stories that make sense of African economies.

Our goal is to provide insight for transparent, rigorous and coherent thinking. We believe in permitting all inoffensive ideologies to inform our readers. We also advocate the explicit revelation of the underlying assumptions, theories and context used in all analyses, ensuring that readers understand the assumptions guiding our insight.