Get live results for Nigeria’s 2023 elections on Stears Elections website.

At Stears, we often say, ‘In God we trust; everyone else must bring data’. 

In 2019, we launched the Stears Election Centre, recently relaunched as Stears Elections, becoming Nigeria's first real-time election results provider. Nigerians loved it and used it to understand data about the past and the present.

But one thing remained. The holy grail of information for decision-makers. Data about the future.

And where better to begin than with Nigeria’s most pivotal and hotly contested elections since the turn of the century?

This is why we conducted polls for the 2023 Nigerian Elections to answer pivotal questions such as "who will be Nigeria's next president?". Now more than ever, Nigeria—Nigerians—need a clear view of the future before we confront it.

The absence of polls in previous elections has made it difficult for decision-makers to prepare for the relevant outcome. We decided to change that.

Looking at other polls,